This is a one-of-a-kind 2 story gas station, convenience store, and car wash. We have a huge selection of beverages and snacks all housed in an architecturally stunning building. We have the best public bathrooms in Minneapolis! Always clean (cleaned several times each day), stocked, touch-free hand washer, Dyson hand dryer blows the water and germs off of your hands at 400mph! The pocket door adds the perfect touch. It's so popular, that the waiting line starts in front of the 52" HD TV as a great distraction while you wait. The entrance is an automatic sliding door where you, the customer, walks in to pick up your favorite 6-pack and 12-pack of alcoholic beverages, one for each hand. We keep the beer cave cold, 40 degrees so your beer will be ice cold. We sell beer on Sundays too!
The rebuild was designed with a distinct openness providing many windows and skylights for ambient light. The upscale ambiance attracts the repeat customer. The landscaping, curb appeal, and cleanliness are outstanding. There is something blooming throughout the growing season. You definitely have the "WOW" reaction if you only have time to drive by and stop in next time. Don't forget, there is plenty of parking next to the front door! The item selection in the convenience store is abundant for all of you grocery and quick stop necessities. There is lots of selection and it's not too crowded.
The gas pumps were adequately spaced for easy access from either entrance and you can stop with a comfortable distance between you and the car next to you. Our canopy protects you from the weather and provides a safe, well-lit environment.